Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Night

It was my wedding night and my friends have brought me
into the room decorated with silken drapes, red roses & white
jasmines. I was very tired after the wedding, so to freshen myself I
took a bath and changed into my wedding night saree. As you know
this is the night when my husband will overcome all the hesitancy
and pleadings from me. I also knew that he is also a virgin like me.
As I sat on the bed, my husband Rohith came to me. He smelled of
after-shave, wedding smells- you know, sandalpaste and turmeric. I
was a little nervous when he came near me, and I stood up from the
bed as was the tradition. He sat on the bed and we talked about the
marriage ceremony and the gifts presented to us, and so sweetly
Rohith asked if he could kiss me. He stood up and then gently raised
my face, kissed gently on my cheek and made me sit on the bed very
near to him. Once seated, he started kissing my eyes and told me
that he had been waiting for such an occasion since the day one we
had met.

We looked at each other and he took my hands to cover them with his
own hands and pulled me closer to him. He asked me whether I felt
very tired, and if so we could retire to bed and sleep to which I
smiled and asked if he was really that tired to sleep... He just
winked at me and with a naughty smile came close to me and started
kissing me again. I went wild though it was not the first kiss I got
from him. He had kissed me quite a few times, after our engagement,
whenever we were alone either at home or whenever we went out. But,
this kiss after getting married did do wonders, which I cannot put
in words. Even after a gap of about eleven years, the moment I think
of the first night, I become so excited and I wish, we had such an
occasion every night for years to come.

Our lips met and as our tongues met, we started getting tied up in a
very passionate kiss. He began caressing my back and my waist,
teasing me with his fingertips. My hands rested on his shoulder and
I pressed him against me.

I felt his hands hugging me around my shoulders and I slowly moved
in to enjoy his touch. He was in a " kurta pyjama" and I was in
a 'saree' and we were just hugging each other, kissing each other,
without parting our lips, and just sucking on each other's lips.
Then I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth, parting my lips and
I allowed him to explore my mouth. While his tongue was exploring my
mouth, I felt his hands trying to slip under the 'pallu' of my saree
to feel my back, hips, and started to feel my breasts.

Meanwhile his lips slowly traced a wet line on my cheeks, traveled
down to my chin, and then to my neck, and licked my neck for some
time, enjoying the sweet fragrance (emanating because of the special
preparations taken by me for the event), and his hands were busy
massaging my breasts through my blouse, without removing any piece
of our clothing. I just remained passive, my eyes kept tightly shut,
simply enjoying the pleasure of his touch and pressure.

When Rohith started undressing me, I was trembling with excitement,
and eager as this was the first time I am going to expose my body to
a man (even my mother had seen me only in clothes, whenever I
requested her for help to shampoo my hair at the time of bathing - I
would hide my body in a towel, or at least there would be my bra and
panty) and would be seeing a nude male, all live!

Rohith removed the the pallu of saree off my shoulders, and let it
fall down and the portion, which was inserted into the petticoat,
was pulled off and he took it off entirely from my body. I was
standing before him in my petticoat, and my blouse. He gently
whistled, and hugged me once again and while we looked into each
other's eyes, began to unbutton my blouse. I watched how his eyes
followed his hands from unbuttoning the blouse and slipping it,
across my shoulders and down my arm. Now I was in my sexy, lacy,
skimpy bra, my firm breasts barely concealed by the flimsy garment.
My breasts pushed against my bra, trying to break free.He guided me to
the bed and we lay back on the bed. He released the
hooks and eased the straps off and the bra fell on to the bed. My
small nipples were flushed and rising. His hands slid across to lift
my breasts up to his kisses and to caress my breasts. He squeezed it
gently. We both started to breathe deeper.

He played with my nipple. He looked at my breasts and I can tell he
liked what he saw. My heart began to race. He took a nipple in his
mouth and began to suck. GOD THAT FELT SO GOOD! He leaned forward
and kissed me on the lips, harder than before and again went back to
my breasts. His breath on my left nipple made it rise even further
to greet him. He kissed the nipple softly and spread his lips over
it. Gently he suckled it, while his left thumb encircled my right
nipple and he squeezed both firmly. I threw my head back and moaned.
My fingers played in his short hair and across his shoulders.
He drew his attention to the now aching right breast where he
flicked his tongue over the erect nipple. He swallowed this one more
deeply and ran his tongue around the nipple while in his mouth. He
did the kissing on the breasts with great enthusiasm. First on the
left and then on the right until he felt my body tense and with a
slight moan I relaxed. It was my first orgasm on the wedding night
and I thought that I had peed in my panties and petticoat. I felt

Rohit realized what had happened. "Did you come?"

"What is that?" I asked in a lower voice.

"It means, dummy, that you had an orgasm."

"I thought I peed due to my nervousness."

"No, you certainly had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes" I said shyly.

He released my breasts and his fingers traced a path down my firm
stomach and he hooked his fingers into the waistband of my
petticoat. His kisses followed the path of his fingers, stopping
only to flick his tongue into my navel. He undid the knot on the
petticoat. He pulled the string of the petticoat and untied it so
that another hurdle is also removed.

The touch of his fingers on the fabric of my now exposed lacy
panties sent a shiver through me. His hands ran up the sides of my
legs, his thumbs trailing across the inside of my thighs. His kisses
went lower to the waistband of my lacy wet panties. I was suddenly
aware how warm I was between my legs and imagined he could smell the
aroma of my natural perfume. He ran his hands back over my ass and
he kissed hard against my wet panties. His fingers hooked into the
waistband on the sides and he slowly lowered them over my hips and
tight ass. My small pubic hair appeared over the rim of the panties
and I parted my legs to allow them to slide down my legs. Once more
I lifted one leg, then the other so that he could remove my panties.
Rohith then realized that he was fully dressed and started removing
the "KurtaPyjama" and he was above me in his briefs, just sporting
an obviously big bulge. He lay on me and held me close to him. My
breasts pressed into his chest. His chest massaged my breasts. I
began to get turned on heavily. Rohith's hand found its way all the
way around my back, under my arms and pressed against the edge of my
breasts. His other hand began to work its way to my ass.

He moved the hand away from my ass, but didn't move the one near my
breast. I felt wet between my legs. My head was against his and I
was breathing harder on his ear. He hugged me tighter and our bodies
seem to melt together.

On his persuasion, I put my hand in the top of his briefs and found
his hard dick. My fingers encircled it. It was quite huge. I didn't
know if I would be able to take it inside me. His hips began to
move. He stood up at the end of the bed, removed the briefs and
pulled me to him. He then turned me around and backed me up to him
and put his arms around me. Each hand found a tit and squeezed it. I
looked into the full-length mirror and saw my man playing with my
tits. We were both nude and WHAT A TURN ON it was! He squeezed my
tits, pulled and twisted my nipples. I was tingling all over. He
turned me around again.

We both lay on the bed and he got on his knees in front of me. He
started feeling my legs from my ankles, up to my calves, over my
thighs and then caressed my pussy lips. He slid a finger into my
very hot pussy and moved it in and out. His other hand found my clit
and began massaging it.I just couldn't help moaning, 'Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!

I was enjoying the sweet sensation that his fingers are delivering
on my pussy. When my hubby asked me whether it is hurting or
painful, I replied in the negative. On this reply he felt reassured
and increased his pace and inserted one more finger and I felt
something blocking his fingers from entering any further in and
somewhat a ticklish sensation. I told him so, and he told me about
the hymen and I nodded my head that I too was aware of it. There was
a sense of appreciation and he asked me with a bit of surprise in
his voice whether I had never masturbated before marriage. I told
him that I had played with my pussy but was afraid to put my fingers
or anything else inside me, as I had reserved it for my 'beloved
future husband' and smiled passionately at him.

We then lay down on the bed and kissed for a while again. I could
feel his fingers probing around my pussy lips. I reached down and
took his still hard dick in my hand. He sucked on my hard pink
nipples. We were both now out of control. It was very hot in the
room and it may be because we were very HOT. His hands ran to the
back of my legs and then upwards to massage my ass cheeks. He
planted kisses after kisses on pussy and along the hairline to
either side. I instinctively parted my legs a little more and his
left hand came back around to the front. He drew his fingers through
the curls and down between my legs. He felt my moistening lips and
gently pressed them between his fingers. I felt his fingers part
them and he ran one finger from head to ass. On the way back, he
pressed harder against the opening and I felt his finger begin to
slide in. I gave a cry of ecstasy and thrust my pussy forward to
meet his finger. Rohit fingered my clit and virgin fuck hole. He
stopped and got over me. At last, we were going to do it. He
straddled me on all fours and looked down at me.

"Love me Rohit please." I begged him.

"Are you ready for it my dear?" He asked.

"Yes I am all yours my dear Rohit. Love me and take my virginity"

With that Rohit put the tip of his cock on my pussy.

"Look, it may hurt a bit but you will enjoy later on" he said.

"I know. Just luv me"

He smiled, and lowered himself between my legs. He raised himself on
one arm and reached down between us with the other. He played with
my moist pussy lips for a moment and then appeared to wrap his hand
around his own cock. I could see he was guiding his cock towards me
and I felt its head begin to push against my pussy. He moved it
gently up and down, looking for the right spot. He stopped when he
found the right hole. Slowly he leaned forward and I felt the
swollen head spread me apart.

He was looking into my eyes, looking for some hint to proceed or
not. I gave that indication by raising my head off the bed and
kissing him passionately. I lay back again and rubbed one hand
across his chest. He increased his advance into me, sliding slowly
deeper and deeper. He again eased back more and then thrust a little
deeper. I was amazed at the depth of feeling I had inside me. I
could almost see his cock pushing against the walls. Once more he
drew back, and then down. This time he let go of the base of his
cock and brought his arm up to lean directly over me. He leaned down
and kissed me. He eased his hips lower. There was increasing
resistance inside me. He rose and pushed down again, not any deeper
but a little faster.

I knew I was coating his penis with my juices, which seemed to be
flowing more freely. On his next downward motion, he stopped and
began to apply more pressure. My breath was quickening; I wrapped my
arms across his shoulders and tried to push up with my hips. I felt
a sudden sharp pain and I found it hard to breathe. I felt Rohit's
cock hit my hymen and when his cock tore it open I felt like I was
going to die of pain.

"OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH yes" I cried, my face arching up, my body
going rigid, my swollen breasts thrusting upward as my hubby's huge,
hot, glorious penis surged into my wet, conic cunt.
In and in it went, piercing deep, cleaving my pussy-flesh and pussy-
lips open, mashing my gorged clitoris, crushing my molten flesh in
its passage. My cunt convulsed uncontrollably on my hubby's cock
and, above me, Rohith groaned, his shoulder rippling and knotting
powerfully, his buttocks flexing taut, his hips sinking and sinking
as he buried his penis in my pussy.

Tears started rolling from my eyes. I lost my hymen and then he was
deeper. Rohit stopped for a moment seeing my tears but I thrust my
hips up and the rest of his penis entered my virgin pussy. I leaned
forward and bit his shoulder, whimpering but pulling him closer. He
didn't back out, he lowered his hips against mine until I felt our
pubic hair tangle. He bent his elbows and brought his chest down
against mine. We lay still for some time, savoring the moment.
We kissed, sharing saliva, and wrestling each other's tongues. I
felt his hips shake back and forth a little; the sensation of his
cock moving side to side was explosive. "Make love to me, please." I
whispered. We kissed deeply. He raised himself back up on his arms
and brought his hips up a little. His hips came down against me!
Again he raised himself higher this time. I shivered at the touch of
his cock riding back out against the walls of my cunt. He thrust
down a little faster than before for which I responded with a soft
cooing sound. I could feel Rohit's cock throbbing in my tight pussy.
Slowly Rohit started pumping.

"I cannot hold on for long. You know it is my first time also." said

"Just come inside me, that is all I want from you my dear."
Rohit increased his speed and within no time he started to come. I
could feel my husband Rohit's penis juice filling my pussy. I was
overjoyed as Rohit, my man, is filling me with the seed of life.
After some time Rohit took out his cock from my pussy. It was red
with my blood. There was a small patch of blood on the bed sheet and
my pussy was all red. We lay side by side for a few minutes, my head
on his chest, my fingers playing circles on his chest. He asked me
if it was good, and I kissed him and whispered it was very exciting.
We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves and removed all traces
of our love making form the room. We stayed in bed naked for another
hour and then drifted to sleep. Next morning we dressed quietly,
touching and kissing each other periodically.

Next morning when my mother and Rohit's sister came to wake us up, I
blushed and could not meet their eyes. They nodded understanding



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