Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm a Cheating Wife

I am fair and has a look many women are envy of. I got married to a loving and
caring person Rohit about 6 months back. He is a little chubby, but a very caring
My marriage life was very good till one day when I met my ex boyfriend Ryan about a
month back, I met Ritesh in a mall while shopping. Now, it's time to rewind back 7
years. I was doing my XII girls in the school have to wear tops and knee level skirts.
My thighs and tight tops is a magnet for all the boys in the school. They used to drool
at me and while getting in and out of the school bus, boys used to rub against my
body like anything.
I kind of enjoyed that it just triggers a sort of sensation in my body. There was a boy
named Atul Malhotra. He used to be more close to me than another boy. He used to
come to my house during week-ends in the pretext of combine studies. Ironically,
neither I nor he was a good in academics. In the name of explaining science to me, he
used to rub his shoulders against my breast as if he is ignorant of all these things.
I never retracted since he was very good-looking and handsome. Things went like
this for a while, and then one fine day he proposed his love to me. I accepted it but,
we were very young then love was kind of being more physical. I still remember the
day during my XII vacation when Atul groped my breast and I fondled his crotch at
Lalbagh. We smooched like hell that day. He wanted to take the relationship to the
next level by having an intercourse with me but at that time.
I was not mentally and physically ready for that and so I denied it after that I joined
Engineering and since then, I have never seen Atul. My College experience was the
best. It was no exception; every boy used to drool at me. Just like me, there was a guy
- Ryan, whom every girl used to drool at. I came to know of Ryan only during the end
of my 2nd semester. He was about 6'1" and was well built.
He used to come to college in tight round neck t shirts, which revealed his protruding
muscles and a reasonably tight jeans which exposed his incredible thighs and bubble
butt in his bike. Many girls, including my friends, used to wait near the parking lot to
impress him when he comes. One day, my friends persuaded me to go with them to
the parking lot to see him. I initially resisted, but then agreed. We went to the
parking lot and waited at the lawn near it as usual. This handsome guy came in his bike.
He parked the bike and came towards as.

I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eye. I pretended as if I am not minding him,
but in fact I was also looking at him from the corner of my eye. He stretched his arms
to reveal his muscles in the pretence of yawning. Oh God, that was amazing not too
much of muscle and certainly not too less. His is a perfect male figure.
This time, I couldn't act like I am not minding him. I was literally gaping, and he
caught me red-handed but, I also knew that he was amazed with me as he was
mentally minding only me. That day went like that, and after a week or so one of my
friends introduced him to me in the college library. Both of us acted as if we have
never seen each other before, and greeted each other. He had a naughty grin in his
Few more days passed and we used to greet each other whenever we met. One fine
day, all of my friends went for a movie bunking the class. I wasn't interested in that
movie so I didn't go. That was the turning-point day. I was in the cafeteria having
lunch all alone since none of my friends were available. All of a sudden I could feel a
hand on my shoulder. I turned back and saw Ryan there.
He enquired about the reason for having lunch alone. Then, he walked to his friends
with whom he was having this lunch and took the half-finished lunch and started
walking towards me. He wanted to accompany me for lunch. He started right beside
me, and started talking. Initially, I thought that he would be bragging about his
popularity among girls but too much of my surprise he started asking me about the
college and the lecturers. Then, he asked me about my family.
It's was good talking to him - I lost track of time talking to him. At the end, we
exchange our mobile numbers. The semester exam followed and we didn't meet each
other after the lunch. It was vacation time, when I received a call from him. He asked
me to accompany him for coffee. I was very excited, but I didn't readily agree. I just
wanted to check how long he will go to get me after a long persuasion I agreed. 
We decided to meet two blocks down my street and he insisted that he will pick me
from there. This day is very special to me - so I wanted to leave no stone unturned. I
picked up a tight top that reveals my bra line, and a skirt that hardly touches my
knees. I went to the place where we had decided to meet. He was already there
waiting for me in a bike. The bike wasn't the one in which he comes to the college, it
was another one. 
The seat was much tilted towards the front. I understood the motive - he wanted me
to stick to him like glue when I enquired him about the bike, he said that it's his
friend's as there was some problem with his bike. On the way to the restaurant, he
skipped all the good roads and chose to drive on the potholed ones. I tried as much as
possible to sit further from him, but the seat along with the road made it impossible.
My breast were not just hitting his muscular body, but also pressing against his body.
We reached the restaurant, and we both ordered cafe mocha. After a brief talk, he
requested me to come to the Coorg trip that he is planning with his friends. He said
that his friends include girls as well. I thought for a moment and said Yes. I could see
a sense of achievement in his face.
I told my parents that I am going to Coorg with my friends, and will be back in three
days. Initially, they were a little apprehensive, but then they agreed. The trip day has
come, and there were 10 people including Ryan. There were 2 girls and the rest were
all guys, but none of them were known to me. They hired a temp traveller. I don't
know where to sit as the two girls already occupied a two seater. I had no other
option but to sit with Ryan. But, he behaved like a gentleman during the travel.
We reached Coorg; they have already booked an exclusive resort. The resort was in a
secluded place, somewhere in the middle of the jungle only one family or one group
of no more than 15 can stay in it. So, no one else except we 11 and two cooks were
there in the resort. It was late night when we reached the resort, so we three girls
went to sleep in a room, and the guys were in another room oozing and playing

The next morning, I was the first in my room to woke up. I ambled towards the
window. Through the window I say Ryan exercising in the lawn outside. Wow, what a
site it was. He was in his black boxer brief doing push ups. It was like a Greek god
flexing in front of me. His chest, his thighs, his arms everything was so alluring. I do
not want to waste this golden opportunity. I walked out of the resort to the lawn
where he was exercising.
He smiled naughtily looking at me. I asked him to teach me some exercises so that I
can keep myself fit, for which he replied you are already super fit". I smiled and said
"Ok, If you are busy, I am not troubling you". He replied No no. I am more than
happy teaching you". He came close to me and said "Do you mind if I touch you." I
said no he, then, stood behind me and asked me to touch my toes bending. I bended and in the process my butt hit his dong. OMG, it was huge; since, he was
wearing black underwear, the bulge was not visible. He wanted me to repeat the
exercise. I repeated the exercise, but he was not minding my ass hitting his rod. I
could sense the rod becoming bigger and bigger every time my ass hit this thing. In
the second exercise, he asked me to raise my hands. In the name of helping me raise
my hands, he was rubbing my tits.
My pussy has already become wet and wanting something to tear it. Also in the
process, I used to touch his chest, arms and bulge at the end of it, we both were super
horny and we were standing looking at each other's face, waiting for the other person
to make the first move. Ryan broke the ice and leaned forward slowly to kiss me. But,
those moronic friends of his woke up and started yelling. He had to back out.
Our group then went to a waterfall. It was bathable and Ryan was a daredevil. He
quickly stripped down to his undies, and jumped into the waterfall. Slowly, the other
guys followed suit. They wanted us, the girls, to jump. Ryan was interested only in
me. He was forcing me to jump. I told him that I cannot swim, for which he replied
why should you worry when I am here. Come on and I will teach you swimming.
I slowly and shyly removed my tops and trousers. I was in two piece and the guys
were all gaping at my figure. I was hesitant in getting into the water. So, Ryan came
up and swiftly carried me in his arms, and took me into the waterfall in the process,
he was squeezing my tits. He got into a mild deep area and signal his friends by
winking and shaking his head. Immediately his friends responded by saying that they
are not interested in bathing in the waterfall and went away.
We were the only souls in the area. We both were looking at each other's eyes from
his face, I could say that he was fully turned on. I was also equally aroused. We do
not want to miss this opportunity. I was already wet after the day's exercise arousal.
He left no time in holding my head with both his hands and gave a deep smooch. It
wasn't new to me, because of my experience with Atul. I opened up my lips and let
him explore my tongue. 

He was so wild he was literally sucking my tongue like a vacuum cleaner. While, his
tongue was busy exploring mine, his body was pressing against mine very hard. My
tits were squeezed against his manly chest, and my pussy against his huge bulge. He
wasted no time in removing my bra and started sucking and mildly biting it. He was
madly sucking it as if he is sex starving for years. He pressed my boobs and was eating it. Meanwhile my hand was playing with his
hair. He took my left breast and then the right one and was working with it. He, then
carried me and swam to the other side of the waterfall. There was a big boulder on
the other side. He slowly put me on it and groped his bulge. My pussy was wet, and it
was eagerly waiting to get ripped apart by a manly cock. 
He then removed his underwear to expose his manhood. OMG, I had never seen
anything like that in my life; not even in porn movies that I used to watch
occasionally. It was at least 8.5 inches long, and was impressively very thick as well.

He, then lowered himself and tore apart my panty. His pink tongue started to explore
wildly my pink pussy. I was licking and sucking it. He was licking the wet juice that
my pussy leaks.
My whole body was shivering; I never had such an experience. He then inserted one
of his fingers into my pussy. It was little painful. He, then went for two fingers Which
was very painful. He was moving his fingers in and out of my pussy and eventually
broke the hymen. I shouted as it was very painful. I was bleeding; but he never cared
about that. He simply took his 8.5 inch rod and hammered his way into my pussy.
This time it was excruciatingly painful. I yelled of pain. He didn't even mind it and
started pushing deeper into me. His rod hit my uterus but still it wasn't fully in. He
was as wild as a raging bull. While his dong was tearing my pussy, his mouth was
literally biting my tits. He was very muscular, and he was using all his energy
penetrating me. My pussy was overwhelmingly leaking juices.
His increased the pace in which his long, thick manhood was moving in and out my
pussy. By now, I was feeling pleasure all over my body. And then, all of a sudden I
could feel a huge jet of liquid flowing in me. He had released his manhood juice into
my vagina. His balls were very big and that explained the amount of sperm fluid he
injected into me. He stopped the pelvic movement. I reached my climax.

We were laying hugging each other. We both then dressed up and joined the rest of
the group after this incident, we had several sexual encounters - all were safe.
Fortunately, I did not become pregnant due to the waterfall incident. We had several
intercourse sessions throughout the rest of our college life. After and we completed
our graduation we parted ways. I joined an IT firm and two years down the line I got
married to Rohit and our marriage life went smooth till I met Ryan about a month
back in a shopping mall. After that incident, I am not able to have a proper sex life with my husband. Every
time we have sex, the thought of Ryan plunges in and I am not able to continue the
sex session. Also, worsening the condition is Ryan's persuasion to have a lovemaking with him at least once. I am not sure on which side of me will eventually
triumph and the sex starving side that wants me to lay with Ryan once again or the
homely side of me that do not want to cheat my caring husband. 

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