Friday, March 29, 2013

I would like to bring to your kind notice that this is a true incident.

I’m a 20 year old guy who loves to have sex.

This is about how I got seduced by an unsatisfied wife Anitha. I used to live in an
apartment from my childhood and Anitha came into the flat next to mine a year back.
She was newly married then and she got settled down with her hubby.
Anitha was very friendly in nature so she used to come over to my house and spend
the daytime with my mom as her husband leaves to work as far as I saw they were a
one happily couple her husband used to work for some software company and he
used to take care of Anitha very well.

To describe Anitha she has a maintained her body very well with no extra fat and has
a 36 D boobs, and a round ass. She wasn't of those plump females but took care of
her body very well. She used to hit the gym regularly as time passed her husband got
very involved in work as all the men do after marriage as a result Anitha wasn't
getting too much of sex from him.

She seemed to be depressed with life and everyday she kept complaining to my mom
which I used to hear when at home. She had completed her engineering and so my
mom suggested her to divert by taking tuitions for school kids.
Anitha wasn't sure if that will work out so she wanted to start off with me. I was
doing my engineering as well and though I wasn't bad at academics I was asked to
take tuition from her. This way I had to visit Anitha's house every evening from 6-8
pm initially it was just the academic talks.

We had and our relationship was very formal slowly she started to open up with me
and we started to talk more freely. This led to less academic talks and more of casual
talks as I didn't have a girlfriend then I was happy to have some female to flirt with.
We became so close that I started to share everything with Anitha and again she also
did the same eventually she started to fret about her sex life to me. At first I was
shocked as that was the first time I ever heard a female talk about sex life to me. 

She used to tell me that her husband is too much into work and he doesn't spend
time and care for her and again he is postponing the kids as he wanted to earn for
like a year more. I felt bad for her and I didn't know what to say for that. 
So every day I would go to her home in the name of tuition but we sit and talk all
crap. She always wears a tight t-shirt and a bottom or shorts but nothing below her
knee. She would sit very close to me in the couch we will be chit chatting.

Anitha clearly had the intentions to have sex with me and she took every step in the
relationship towards that once I had a holiday and so was chilling at my room. I got a
sms from Anitha which read hey you free? Mind dropping in home? I’m bored.
I said oh yea. I will and with that I left for her house. I knocked the door and there
came her voice asking me to come in once inside I again heard her saying just give
me 5 minutes. I will be back I said ok and sat down in the couch.

After some 10 minutes she came out her bedroom wearing a white t-shirt and a
denim skirt. I'd rather call it a mini skirt as it was too short her hairs were wet and I
could also see water droplets in her thighs. I had my eyes fixed on her as she came
towards me and sat beside me even then I was constantly looking at her.

Anitha broke the ice what you gazing at? I was like nothing am sorry what took you
this long? Anitha said I was in the shower. I had a hard on and wanted to cover it up
as I too was wearing a shorts and so I took the cushion and placed it on my lap.
We then started our usual talks and this time she seeing me in that condition she was
more into flirting and finally we decided to watch some movie in her laptop as there
was no good movies in the TV she invited me to her bedroom

And I sat on the bed leaning towards the wall with a pillow on my lap just in case to
avoid showing her my hard on. She thought I had the pillow to have the laptop so she
came and placed the laptop on my lap and she sat to my right. She logged on the
movie started to play. 

It was the movie called Friends with Benefits. I had no idea what movie it was.
Anitha had a naughty smile in her lips and she sat to my right and she hugged my
right hand and rested her head on my shoulder. Anitha was adjusting her position
every now and then and every time her hug got bolder and tighter. 

I could feel her left boobs and there was an immediate hard on. Thanks to the laptop
and pillow then came the scene where Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were sitting
in her house and sipping beer and talking about relationships. All of a sudden the guy
would ask the girl if they could have sex and he would again come up saying not
serious relationships but just sex.

I was like WTF inside and turned to see Anitha, she had her eyes glued to the screen
and she moved her hands to my thighs. I was becoming too restless and even thought
of leaving the room. So I tried to move but Anitha pulled me closer and she was in no
mood to quit watching the movie then Mila Kunis would strip herself and she would
get involved in hot sex.

I was in a point of no control that I immediately turned around and cupped Anitha's
breast. She too responded by taking my other hand to her other breast and I was
playing with them over her dress for quite a long time then I pulled her and placed
my lips on hers. Anitha had closed her eyes and in sometime.

She opened her lips and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. We had a long kiss
and I came on top of her kissing and at the same time playing with her boobs. Anitha
wrapped her legs around me and I was moving up and down and my hard cock over
my shorts was touching her pussy over her panty and we had dry sex. 

Soon I felt I had cum in my undies and so got up. I couldn't see her face so just
turned back to leave. Just then Anitha came and hugged me from behind and
whispered in my ears where are you going? it’s not done yet saying so she turned me
around and we started to hug each other very tightly and also our lips started to play.

I had my hand in her hips, pressed them and Anitha went mad with my touches
there. I then moved away and let my hands inside her t-shirt and touched her bare
skin. Omg it was so soft and I was caressing her skin there. I then moved my hands
from the top of her skirt inside her panty as well and cupped her ass cheeks.

Anitha let out a moan and these were more than enough for me to get a hard on that
my cock started to pain inside my shorts and it was longing to get out. I went wild
with that, my kisses became wilder. Anitha realising my state pulled down my shorts
and lifted her right leg and put it around my hips giving access to her pussy. My cock was now touching her pussy over her panty. I pulled Anitha more closelywith the help of her ass. 

Anitha moved her hands into my t-shirt and was caressing
my back. I took my hand from her ass and pulled her t-shirt up exposing and she
lifted her hands in the air for to get rid of the t-shirt.
Now Anitha was standing with a pink mesh bra that barely covered her boobs and
her denim shorts. She was fair in color and her boobs were stiff. I couldn't keep my
hands off this beauty that I wasted no time and her boobs in my mouth over her bra
her nipples were so hard and stiff. 

I then moved the cloth that covered her boobs to the side and sucked on her boobs
was fiddling with her other nipple. Anitha had a sexy nipple that was not too large
neither too small. It was medium sized with light brown areoles.
I started to bite her nipples and Anitha was moaning out and her hands were on my
hairs and she pushed my head further inside. I then switched over to the other nipple
and was doing the same for the next 15 - 20 minutes. Till now we never spoke a word
but were busy with our foreplays.

Anitha then knelt down in front of me taking my cock in her hand and stroking it. It
was already super wet with my juices. Anitha had a sexy look in her eyes and again
that was full of lust. She had her mouth right in front of my cock as she was stroking
and her mouth was watering to take it inside.

Anitha looked up to me and said shall I take it in my mouth and my hubby would
never allow oral sex. I replied I wouldn't say no to such a beauty from doing anything
carries on with whatever you want and your hubby should be mad. Anitha then let
her tongue out and she tried to pull back my foreskin and it was tight.
She then took it in her mouth and was sucking my tip making it wet and in few
minutes she succeeded in bringing back my foreskin. She then was licking the entire
length 6" from front to back and was also sucking on my balls. Soon she started to
take the whole length in her mouth. My cock was touching the deepest part of her

Her wet hairs were coming in front giving her some difficulty in the blowjob. I moved
her hairs behind and her face was looking so damn sexy taking my cock inside her
hands were caressing my balls making me go wild. I was about to reach my climax so held her hairs tight and started to fuck her vigorously in her mouth and soon Ireleased my hot semen in her mouth. 

I had come in large quantity and Anitha couldn't swallow everything and some fell on
her boobs and face. She then sucked my cock dry and told me that your cock is bigger
in length and width than that of my hubby's. Anitha then got up and went to the
washroom to clean herself and I followed her there.

She was bending down in the wash basin, cleaning her face and I stood just behind
her touching her ass, hips and pulled down her skirt and panty in one go. Anitha's
arse was so sexy, fair and had the right amount of flesh. I got an immediate hard on
seeing her arse that I started to move my hands over hers caressing them

And moving my cock over her arse cheeks making her horny as well which wasn't
actually necessary as she was horny to the core. I was rubbing my cock in between
her arse cracks and I was going wild. Anitha lifted her arse giving me more access
and she was giving all horny reactions which I saw it on the mirror in front which
were driving me crazy again.

Anitha still had the bra on her exposing her boobs though and I didn't like that piece
of cloth on her. So I pulled her up towards me and removed the bra over her head. I
took her in my arms and we were kissing like mad dogs. I pushed her behind and she
had her arse resting on the basin and she lighted her legs in air to step out of the skirt
and panty.

I then carried her in my arms and moved to the bed. I put her on the bed and jumped
on her and were started kissing again and the kiss was wilder and we were kissing
like there no tomorrow. We broke the kiss and Anitha pushed me down and I went
down kissing her body all through.

I stopped at her pussy and opened her pussy lips with my left thumb and forefinger
and inserted my right middle finger inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her
and soon I had my 3 fingers inside and I was fucking her vigorously.

Anitha started to moan aahhhhhh yaaahhh. I then was playing with her clitoris still
fucking her pussy and again I went on to suck her clitoris and that’s when she went
really mad. Her moans were becoming louder and I was fearing if the sound may go
outside since it’s an apartment. 

I knew I had touched her G-Spot and was finger fucking her too fast and within few
seconds she reached her orgasm and she'd come in huge quantity. Anitha then asked
for my fingers and she sucked her juices from my fingers dry.
Anitha wasn't wearing her mangalsutra so

Me: Anitha where is your mangalsutra?
Anitha: I have removed it because I knew I would end up having sex with you.
Me: so why did you remove it?
Anitha: I will get reminded of my hubby.
Me: oh well I want to fuck you with the mangalsutra on you.
Anitha: do you really want me to wear it?
Me: yes and with that she rolled to the side of her bed and took her mangalsutra and
wore it over her head. The mangalsutra was just resting between her boobs and she
was looking sexy as ever in that and I told her that too.

Anitha you look super sexy all naked with just your mangalsutra. She blushed and
said thank you. I pushed her down on the bed and started to play with her boobs, and
also kissing her lips. I was sucking on her lower lips and then upper lips and pinching
her nipples as well. 

My dick was at its maximum size and wanted to enter a pussy. I moved over her
positioning myself to enter her pussy. Anitha parted her legs and she too moved her
ass and now my dick was right at the entrance of her pussy. I whispered in her ears
oooff Anitha.

I couldn't believe this is happening. I am a virgin and you’re the first female with
whom I had my first kiss and now am going to fuck this sexy babe." Anitha hugged
me tightly and gave me a kiss on my lips while kissing she took my dick in her hands
and guided it into her pussy. 

It all wet and even though she is married for the past one year, her pussy was pretty
tight and with few strokes I was completely inside her. All this while
Anitha was kissing me and now I broke the kiss and moved on to her boobs and was
fucking her in slow pace.  I bit her nipples making her go mad with every stroke and I
was literally chewing her nipples. The room was filled with sex and our moans. I
fucked her in that position for some 5 minutes and I stopped and asked 
Anitha to come on top as I wanted to see her boobs shaking and her mangalsutra 
dancing as well.

We rolled over with my dick still inside. Anitha was sitting on my cock and I had my
hands on her hips. She started to ride me and I moved my hands to her boobs
pinching and playing with those. Anitha would bend down to kiss me. She rode me
for another 10 minutes and asked me to carry on from there. Good I took breaks in
between that I lasted long for my first time.

I again rolled over and came on top and started to fuck her at full pace. Anitha was
moaning ooffff fuck me fuck me fuck me hard yea go on don't stop. I was getting
wilder with that and was tearing her pussy with all my energy within 2 minutes.
I was about to cum and told her that am reaching climax and Anitha asked me to
empty it in her pussy with 3-4 strokes I emptied my load in her pussy and I also felt
her reach the climax at the same time. I collapsed on her and she took me in her
arms and we were there in that position for the 20 minutes.

My dick was still inside her pussy and at the end it started to gain erection inside her
pussy only. I told her that I wanted to fuck her again. Anitha told me that its late now
and her hubby would come anytime so it’s better we get dressed up and she would
give me a blowjob instead so that even if the bells rings we will be safe.

I told her I’m not done baby and I want to have sex with you again. Anitha told me oh
yes. I’m not done either it’s that we wind up for the day and we shall do it every day
and my hubby isn't looking after me sexually. We then got up and Anitha was about
to wear her bra and panty but I stopped her from wearing that telling her wear your
t-shirt and skirt.

I have other plans saying so I wore the t-shirt and skirt for her and she put on my tshirt and shorts. We then went to the hall and sat down in the couch and switched on
the TV and played some music just in case no one should hear our moans. Anitha
then put her hand inside my shorts and pulled out my dick.

It was in semi erect condition and Anitha went down to the floor knelt down in front
of me and straight away took my cock in her mouth. Anitha was sucking on my cock
as well as playing with my balls. Anitha will take the entire length in her mouth and then lick it from top to bottom and suck on my balls and again take my cock in her

She was simply awesome in that and any man would go crazy behind her and fuck all
her holes. It was only then I thought her hubby should be a dumb asshole to deprive
such a sexy lady from sex life. After some 5 minutes I pulled her to me and made her
sit on my cock which she happily did by lifting her skirt.

Anitha adjusted her arse to take my cock inside her completely then I lifted her tshirt 
and started to suck on her boobs then we locked our lips to avoid moaning
sounds and Anitha started to ride my cock. Anitha rode my cock for some 5minutes
by when she had her orgasm. I then stood up with carrying Anitha and made her lie
down on the couch.

I went in between her legs and she put them on my shoulders. I bent down kissed her
lips and started to pump her pussy very fast. This time my cock was touching her
deepest part in her pussy and she was enjoying the fuck so as me. I fucked her for
another 10 minutes and discharged my load deep inside her.

Anitha had her second orgasm as well then. We then got dressed up and was playing
with each other's body for some time. It was only then Anitha told me that she is on
pills and there won't be any pregnancy issues and again and I lost my virginity to
hubby during college my friends used to have sex with their boyfriends and I never
wanted too.

I was with one man policy you are the second guy in my life to see me naked, have
sex. I was like Anitha are you feeling guilty over what happened between us? She told
me not at all and I was sex deprived by my hubby and I wanted an alternative and
again someone who's trustworthy. 

I have been seeing you for the past one year so I thought why not seduce you and
have my desires fulfilled and I told her and I am lucky to have sex with the sexiest
lady and I have seen in my life and I then got up to leave and Anitha came with me to
the door and we walked holding hands and at the door we have a long kiss and I left
for home.

I went in and crashed in my bed. I woke up 2 hours later had dinner and again went
to sleep at around 12:30 I got a call from Anitha and she said I am not done yet. My pussy still wants a cock and I tried having sex with my hubby but he crashed before I
had my shower.

I told her I’m still thinking of u, your lovely ass, clean shaved pussy, big round boobs
and those beautiful lips. I want to fuck your pussy like there’s no tomorrow. She then
moved to the next bedroom and we had a long session of phone sex and I ended up
masturbating some 3-4 times.

We decided to meet up tomorrow morning somewhere outside and have sex for the
entire day and so I gave the idea of going to a resort in the outskirts of city and she
agreed to that and we hung up the call. Next morning at around 8 I left home as
usual to college and picked up Anitha at the decided spot in my car and we drove to
the resort.

Anitha had already done the bookings there in the resort and we checked in at
around 9 am. Anitha was wearing a sleeveless top and a knee length skirt and no
panty inside. Anitha had booked a suite in the resort and it was deserted from the
resort and had a small private swimming pool once inside the room.
I carried her to the couch, made her bend down, lifted her skirt up and entered her
pussy from behind. I fucked for some 10 minutes and it was only then we relaxed in
the room and started our foreplays. We stripped each other and I sucked her pussy
till she had 2 back to back massive orgasms. 

I left her pussy alone only after she had cum twice. She then gave me a good blowjob
and I sprayed cum on her boobs and face. We then went and jumped into the pool. I
made her lean on the wall and started fucking her in the water and that was an
awesome experience fucking my sexy lady in the pool.

I had sex with Anitha that day for like some 4 times. We then left home and we still
have sex regularly. I will visit her house every evening on the pretext of tuitions for
some 2 hours and we will have sex the whole time and whenever she has her periods,
she would simply give me blowjobs and I would fuck her boobs.

Anitha makes sure am satisfied with her and I too look to it she is satisfied with me
and now it was last week when her hubby said he wanted to have kids and he had sex
some 2 times and both the times he got drained out easily leaving Anitha unsatisfied. 
She now wants to carry my kid and so for the past one week she didn't take pills after
having sex with me.

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