Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Gayatri was 30, married and stays with her husband in a flat in Goregaon. Unbelievably beautiful, she has an amazing pair of rack and equally impressive ass. What a great body, mostly 36C–26–34, flat belly with just a hint of fat on the sides, great looks, luscious lips. She can be quite a slut when it comes to dressing with her tight formal off white shorts and knee length skirts.

Sometimes she would wear translucent half shirts leaving very little for imagination. She had the most delicious and ripe jugs I had ever seen ensconced inside waiting to break free. A magnificent rear which was begging to be fucked. One could see the clear outline of her the black lace bra she usually wore and sometimes the merciful buttons will wilt under the pressure and expose a little bit of milky goodness.

Man, those perky nipples in the air conditioned conference rooms when she gave the presentation. No wonder all her presentations were approved without question. Who was watching the ppt when she was the real presentation!Imagine the luck of the husband, who would be screwing her 24 x 7.

Everyone in office was eyeing that piece of meat since her joining day. One look at her and you would just want to tear her apart and when you add that B-School arrogance she is quite a package waiting to explode. Being her team lead I am searching for an opportunity to score with her as is every other fuck in office.

As she was new in the organization and reporting to me, I accepted her as God’s gift to me. The only problem was she would seldom give anyone any opportunity to go ahead with her. I was never rude to her but started giving a lot of work so that she stays late in the office. As I usually stay late winding my work, she was a treat to my sore eyes throughout the day and night.

I never ogle at her but surreptitiously steal a glance at her magical curves when she would not she would not be looking. After about a week I couldn’t any more and asked her for dinner saying it’s a welcome dinner from the team. We fixed a nice waterside restaurant and planned a dinner. As she didn’t have a car, I offered to pick her from her apartment and drop her back.

On cue I turned up on time and was stunned when she appeared in front of my car. She was wearing a black sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline. Her thighs were just about covered by the mini skirt she was wearing. I had a massive hard-on which was making me comfortable. I managed to move a bit and adjusted my package. She sat next to me and I was blown by her smell.

Her body smelt like musk. I tried to eye her cleavage and was mesmerized by it. Her amazing tits were just about covered in that revealing dress. I complimented her and we left for the hotel. Thankfully we were stuck in the traffic jam and I had more opportunities to stare at her luscious tits and shapely legs.

We ordered for some Thai food which she liked. My mind was clearly not on the food and I kept staring at the real breast meat. Throughout the dinner I tried talking to her about various things and somehow got the conversation about physical intimacy and extra-marital relationships. I wanted to know her point of view.

While she had no qualms about getting physical she was very cagey about extra-marital relationship and cheating and didn’t give a clear answer. I didn’t push on and changed topics. I then tried to play it slow and politely dropped her back at her apartment. After about a month or so there was this onsite opportunity at Las Vegas for two people from the team and I knew had hit the jackpot.

They wanted a Business Analyst along with me. I announced in front of the team that Ravi would accompany me as he was our best Business Analyst. As expected Gayatri was damn pissed as she thought I would name her. I knowingly did it to make her angry. After the meeting was over she came into the office.

She was furious with me. She said how can I pick anyone but her. While furious she was so animated that her breasts were heaving. I was mesmerised by the heaving breasts and was speechless. They were asking me to help them break free. However, I composed myself and my hardon, and cited Ravi’s experience but said I will give it a rethink.

The other day I didn’t even talk to her. Around 11:00 pm I was getting ready to leave and there was this last assignment on hand on which Gayatri was also working. She came to my cabin and we discussed about the project but both knew what was on each others mind. Finally when we were about to call it quits I said I was giving the Las Vegas trip a real thought and will get back in a couple of days.

She said she is perfectly okay with my decision and I should do what’s best for the project and the company. I could clearly see that she was lying. Anyways she said her husband is in Bangalore and she will get bored during the weekend and asked whether I am free. I said I was free and we could meet for dinner. She said she would make dinner for both and that she was a great cook.

Who was I to complain and accepted her invitation eyeing those majestic jugs one last time before leaving office. I could clearly make out the outline of her push up bra against the silky fabric of her cream colored half sleeve shirt. Her milky arms were inviting to say the least. This was my chance.

We fixed up our rendezvous on Friday after office. She took an early leave that day around 6:00 pm saying she has to make dinner plans. I was already excited like hell and couldn’t concentrate on work anymore waiting for the time to pass quickly. At around 11:00 pm I reached her home and had already made the excuse of bad traffic on phone.

I picked a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine on the way. When she opened the door I was speechless to find her so skimply clad. She had hot pants on along with a spaghetti strap flimsy sleeveless T-shirt kind of a thing. She said she was just getting ready and I said never mind. I gave her the flowers and wine and she thanked me.

I realized she was not wearing anything underneath her shirt as her massive boobs were heaving on the way to the sofa and I couldn’t help thinking whether I was about to get lucky. I enquired whether I could smoke and she passed me the ash tray and even shared a smoke with me. Boy, someone was getting desperate to go to Vegas.

I complimented her that she was looking tempting and she gave me a sheepish smile. She asked whether I was hungry and I said it can wait. She said she is going to change and come. Although I didn’t want her to I agreed. She came back wearing a translucent peach colored casual shirt with black lingerie inside along with nice figure hugging Capri pants which really accentuated her curves.

I gulped and tried to focus on something else. The top two buttons of her shirt were unbuttoned giving me more than ample view of her creamy globes. The black bra was doing little to prevent me from being excited either. She was dressed to kill, I thought. We started drinking wine. By chance my eye line dropped to her stomach and I realized that she had wet patches near her stomach from sweat after cooking. I was mesmerized by her stomach.

After two glasses we started dining. I asked can we eat on the sofa as we can that way watch the TV as well. She agreed. Although I had no intention of watching the TV it gave me enough opportunities to watch her undulating ass and heaving boobs in motion. While serving the food she bent down near the sofa and served me.

While serving the third button gave way unable to protect the weight of those heavy hangers and the whole milky boobs were in my view right unto the pink areola. Damn, I wanted to open them and suck on those perky nipples which were poking out.

I was having a massive hard-on and found it unsettling on the sofa now. And she was siting next to me, there was no scope of adjusting even. Her huge tits were struggling now to come out of the bra and I couldn’t focus my mind on the dinner. I started some random conversation. The curry was lovely and I wanted some more and asked for it. While serving she spilled some on my trouser.

It was hot and almost shouted but checked. She immediately got some wet cloth and started cleaning the carry. Unfortunately the touch of her near my sensitive member created more problems as I just couldn’t control it anymore and I had a full fledged hard-on. She could feel my hardened dick against the fabric of trousers and smiled.

While cleaning she asked me did I rethink about the Vegas trip and I said I am thinking and will let her know tomorrow morning. I was not going to lose the game so soon. She took the plates to kitchen and I decided I have to act now. I washed my hands and stood behind her when she was keeping the plates. While keeping the plates, I brushed lightly on her ass with my hard on.

She must have felt it but didn’t turn around. Slowly I went near her from behind and slid my hands beneath her now loose shirt and kept on her shoulders waiting her to react. As she was cleaning the plates she couldn’t turn around, but she didn’t say anything either. I took it as a positive sign and grabbed her bra covered tits. She still didn’t say anything and I knew she was ready for it.

Boy, they were a mouthful. I was having difficulty in grabbing them with my hands. Her nipples were hard now and I knew she was excited as well. Maybe my huge dick which she almost felt changed her mind. I slowly removed the remaining few buttons from her shirt simultaneously kissing her neck and ear lobes. She smelt very good. She started giving soft moans in pleasure. Aaaaaaaaaaahhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

With one quick motion, I snapped the bra hook and she was surprised at my deft fingers. I removed her shirt completely with her massive jugs hanging on to her bra for life support. I removed it slowly rubbing the fabric on her tits. I started making circular motion with my fingers on her gorgeous tits and she was getting excited by the minute.

I slowly took my other hand from her tits to the stomach and I could feel her quivering. My hard-on was almost ready to explode if nothing was done quickly. I unbuttoned her pants and unzipped her in one motion again pulled it down. She was wearing black lace panties and I wanted to rip them apart. I now unzipped myself and was in my boxers. I pressed my hard-on against her ass.

I was the softest piece of bottom I had ever touched. She started mumbling something which I couldn’t hear as I had given complete attention to her body. All I could hear was mmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh....

I turned her around and she had closed her eyes. I kissed her chin and neck and moved towards those pink lips. I kissed her on her lips and slowly searched for her my tongue and she reciprocated. She even tasted great. While kissing her I removed her bra quickly and slowly moved my mouth towards her now looking D size boobs. I was wrong. ;)

With my hot breath on her tits she just couldn’t control anymore and shouted “Take me Rohit, quick”. I circled around her tits and then on her nipples slowly with my mouth without touching them. She thrust her juicy right boob in my hungry mouth and I knew she is in my control now. I sucked it as hard as I could and then bit on the nipple. She went wild and her hand was now on my penis.

I licked her juicy tits and ripped her panties. I was also getting out of control. She relieved me of my boxers and I was glad. She started feeling for it and opened her eyes in surprise when she saw my huge dick. From her expression it was sure she had never seen anything like it and she realized she was in for a treat.

I lifted her to the edge of the sink and slowly moved my tongue and went near her holy mound. She was quivering continuously and then I inserted my fork like tongue in her shaven pussy. I started licking her juices started flowing and after about 2-3 minutes she climaxed. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rohit...I am cummingggg..aaaaaaah”

My mouth was flooded with her juices. She got down from the sink and removed my T-shirt and the boxers completely. She was eyeing my tool continuously and brought her soft lips near it. She started licking my balls, gnawing at them and then started from the base of my pole with her tongue. She went crazy and started biting and chewing and I was in heaven.

Finally I told her to stop as I was about to cum but she was not listening and I exploded inside her mouth. She sucked my completely dry and gave me a strange look saying she ain’t finished yet and was hungry for more. I understood what she meant and I turned her around on the sink edge and started banging her from behind.

She was heaving now and I was groping her tits from behind as I continued to pound her. She continued shouting and mumbling saying she had never been pounded by a dick this large and I increased my pace. Finally with a huge noise she came “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Rohit...I am......aaaaaaaaaaah fuck me...........aahhhhhhhhhh” and it felt like as if my dick was drowning in a sea.

By this time even I was about to cum and I said I am cumming and wanted to pull out. She stopped me from pulling out and continued with her motion. Finally I shot my entire load inside her. We went down on the floor breathless and then went together to take a bath. After the bath I dressed up and was ready to leave. She said, I can sleep at her place that night as it was late.

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